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Someone who comes from France or of French descendant, or anything that has to do with with the country, its language, food and culture....

Most of the French people I've met are really nice and friendly people. But from that, they are also wild and crazy. That's because most of them are liberal, they don't really care much about what people say or do. See freedomAnd most of them smoke too. But I guess it would be fun to party with them.
Person #1: Oh My God! Did you just see that guy streaking out on the street with nothing on, holding a ciggarette in his hand just a minute ago?!!

Person #2: Yeah, he must be French.
by Lovin'it July 23, 2006
One of the most descent punk rock band from England that just came out recently. Unlike the other "recent" so-called "punk" bands, Towers of London still keeps it's late 70's rock-n-roll style going.
I went to the Towers of London concert last night on my trip to England. I had an awesome night. My friend swapped t-shirts with Donny Tourette.
by Lovin'it July 11, 2006

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