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It is simply an entreaty to Love. that is the message of the Bible from front to back. however people blame actions of "Christians" who do not understand or follow the religion properly on the entire religion. Christians who judge are not doing what the Bible teaches. However, also, because Christians aim for a high moral life people stereotype them as "holier than thou" even when they do not mean to be. I think those people just feel irritated that they cannot discipline themselves in the way these Christians have. Anyone who has read and understood thoroughly the Bible, will know it is not about the so called "contradictions" and accuracy, it is not about a righteousness competition, it is simply seeking a restoration to the genesis of all things, Perfect harmony of Love.
CHRISTIANITY DOES NOT HATE ALL OTHER RELIGIONS AND GAY PEOPLE, we true ones at least, we simply do not agree with these things. "Christian" aggressive cults are not Christians, they simply feign it.
#love #peace #joy #security #awesome!
by Lover of All November 07, 2005
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