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Kelsey is the dirtiest swear word in the English language. A Kelsey is a morally corrupt thief and has very few brain cells. This is because the remedial Kelsey snorts, smokes, shoots up, or pops them all away. The sluttiest of all females, a Kelsey has lost count of her bedpost notches. Kelseys are known to be dramatic, and they like to distort a situation and spread vicious rumors when you have been put on her shit list for trying to help her. Kelseys are known to be users and abusers and they can be the worst mothers in the world. One of these broads uses the crocodile tears to lure you in, then when you have served your purpose, she will warp your time spent with her and use it as sob story for her next victim.
Guy: Dude, why do you look so angry?

Dude: I felt bad for this girl I met because she "had been treated so badly". So, I took her in and fed her, only to have her steal from me and throw herself on the floor and yell "Why did you hit me?" when I confronted her in the most civil way possible. When I told her psychotic ass to leave, she started making up stories about how badly I treated her.

Guy: Dude, it sounds like you got Kelsey'd.
by Lovely Red December 13, 2010

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