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A completely reasonable thing. People who believe gay marriage is 'wrong' and 'unholy' are just stupid. It's two people loving each other, what's wrong with that? Marriage WAS the union of a man and a woman. WAS. Now that it is more socially acceptable to be openly homosexual, of course that will change.

People who think that gays can 'turn back straight', let's see you turn gay if it's that simple. No. You can't. Whatever sexuality you are, you were born that way. Gays may bow to social pressure and date men or women (respectively), but that doesn't mean they don't know what they feel.

The point, is that they love the person they love. There are plenty of people who are openly bisexual and homosexual, and many of them are married if it's legal where they live. It should be legalized so that everyone has equal rights.
"Did you hear? Miranda and her partner are protesting to legalize gay marriage! That's just sick."

"You're sick, bigoted asshole."
by LoveIsLikeARose January 22, 2012

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