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(also refered to as "the ghetto", montighetto, monti)
Urban center of rural Sullivan County NY. Home of Jerry the Bum, who is our homeless wandering mascot, and the famous Blue Ho, officially known as the Blue Horizon Diner. Natives of Monticello know that the only day to efficiently navigate the entrails of the city from Memorial Day until Labor Day is Saturday, because there is an over-population of minivan driving Orthodox Jews who migrate from NYC every year. The main source of entertainment among the youth is to congregate at the 24 hour Wal-Mart or enjoy the herbal entertainment from the local dealer.
Monticello is also home to the smell of the Sullivan County landfill, which can be incredibly putrid on a hot day.
Monticello provides the optimum learning environment for the young aspiring thug who just isn't ready for the bad streets of NYC.
by Love for Monti May 04, 2005
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