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A principally red or blue tie with conservative patterning tied in a double windsor. The most common pattern is a simple stripe but anything conservative works. The style is easier to recognize than to describe. Often accompanied by an overly aggressive handshake, gaudy rolex, and ample cologne.
"Did you see the State of the Union address last night?"
"Yeah I heard Iran surrendered to Bush's power tie."
by Loul Deng January 10, 2008
Books everyone reads but no one over 16 will admit to. You know you're reading nerdataure when you remove the bookcover before reading in public. The lures of nerdature are the magical characters, fantasy lands, and epic journeys.
"I'm going to create a library in the corner of my room with Dragon Lands, Lord of the Rings, and the Harry Potter books." - Jason
"Dude, you will go no chicks once they see that nerdature." - Jimmy
by Loul Deng December 18, 2007

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