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Cha Boy is a boy or one who thinks he is a man that likes to dress like a woman and serve tea to elder people in the Middle East, however can also be found at old folks homes in North America. Furthermore the Cha Boy can be owned by one or more of the elders and will have to perform oral sex on his owner. To determine when a Cha Boy is owned his fingernails will be painted a bright color, most likely orange.

The definition of Cha Boy originates from the word Chai as in a Middle Eastern Tea. However the word Cha on it's own is another way to say Yes, making the Cha Boy a Yes Boy to all things that his master says, including all kinds of oral sex.
"The Cha Boy made delicious tea today." "After serving it, his master took him into a secluded room to receive oral sex."

"Today is Manlove Thursday all Cha boys must wear dresses and wigs at today's Tea Party."
by Lou Nelson "The Great" December 29, 2011

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