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Method of contagion, peculiar to Italy, where any number of extreme (imaginary) diseases can be picked up by drinking a drink which is too cold, walking in a cool breeze, forgetting to wear your armani scarf or not wearing an overcoat during a month when it is considered necessary even though the temperature is over 90 degrees in the shade.
"Mamma, my girlfriend made me drink a cold drink and I caught a Colpa di Freddo." "Well you need to take care of yourself dear - you're only 36!"

"I don't care if it is a hundred degrees, darling. You cannot drive to work in May without your overcoat and your scarf - you will catch a 'Colpa di Freddo'." "Si, Mamma!"

"Please close the car window. It is bad for my 'Elth. I know you are all sweating but I will catch a 'Colpa di Freddo' "
by Lost in Spaghetti-Land September 14, 2011

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