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This is a guy who has gender identity problems, makes up people that apparently are a part of his "life," and has race issues. He tries to pretend he is a male who happens to be metrosexual, but is gay in secret. He most likely shoves random sex toys up his ass hole without any lube; he likes that manly feeling like that! He bitches about all the racism in the world (especially the little world around him) yet he himself is a racist. He often will create fake profiles on the internet to make it seem like he has new "friends" or a new "girlfriend." He is unable to come up with his own insults, so if you get into a verbal battle, it will probably go similarly to an intellectual battle with a dead Down's child that has hit rigor mortis. He often thinks of himself highly, but in reality, he is lower than that. He is a loser who doesn't have a job, lives at home with his parents and bitches more than a woman with a tampon shoved too far in her pussy that hasn't gotten laid in 20 years. No one should ever date a Beto unless they truly hate themselves.
Female 1: I wish I could find a real man to settle down with....

Female 2: Well, then don't go for a Beto!

Female: Urg!

Male: Sweetie, what's wrong?

Female: I need a date for this convention, but i don't want anybody who is crazy.

Male: I was going to say you could ask Beto, but since you said nobody crazy...that's out.
by Lori_Meyers April 26, 2009

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