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Slu'tty Whore Fish (Sluti Hor Fish) n. Intoxicated scantily clad female commiting lude acts in public, generally sighted on or in close proximity to others boyfriend's
Kelli is such a Slutty Whore Fish, she totally was dancing all up on your boyfriend.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008
Dir'ty Ser'nan'chez (dirt i sir nan chez) v. Odor emitting from the vaginal orface that is visible to the naked eye; also known as V.P.O. visible pussy odor
J.D. said he could not sleep with Brit because she had a total dirty sernanchez.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008
Gay sta'lker (gay stak r) n. Individual of the same sex whom refuses to relent the idea of an imaginary romantic relationship. He/She constantly makes up rumors and stories about encounters that may leave people wondering as to your sexuality.
We saw my boyfriends gay stalker at the bar last night and he left crying.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008
Bloo'dy Va'gi'na n. 1. a person, generally male, who is expectorating a massive amount of drama or conflicting situations. 2. Phrase used to describe the alpha males tendacy to behave like women experiencing their menstrual cycle.
Ex: My boyfriend is being a bloody vagina. Genereally associated with the comment: I think he needs a tampon.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008
Ball Pile n. Term used to describe the surge of testosterone that causes males to behave in eratic fashions when in close proximity to one another
Its game night, so the Ball Pile is going to be at my house trying to impress one another.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008
Slee'ping Va'gi'na n. A mentrual male that is temporarily dormant, though if awakened could at any given moment spray massive amounts of blood. It is generally best to let "the Sleeping Vagina lie"
Right now Derek is in sleeping vagina mode, but Im really afraid he is going to become a bloody vagina again soon.
by Loretta Turner December 31, 2008

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