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A better way to spell "dude."
What prinnies say a lot in Disgaea.
Prinny: Aye aye dood!
by Lord of the Xenophiles June 03, 2005
E Nomine is a dance band from Germany. They have released 3 albums (Not counting their greatest hits album) all with different themes. The music of E Nomine combines German chanting, techno beats, and choir music.
E Nomine kicks ass, so buy their CD's!
by Lord Of The Xenophiles April 12, 2005
A terrible pop-punk band that wants to be Nirvana by singing pseudo-depressed pop songs to ten-year-olds. They dye their hair black and feed the "Punk-Poser" and "I'm-so-goth" groups.
The reason we have all these annoying posers and such is because of the disgraceful music that escapes the walnut-sized brains and oversized mouths of annoying bands like Simple Plan.
by Lord Of The Xenophiles April 05, 2005
A wannabe goth. Usually wears Hot Topic clothing and follows other goths around. They tend to play DDR because they saw someone else playing it while wearing all black, but they fail miserably on light mode. They listen to bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.
Person 1: Run away! The Avrilites are coming!
by Lord Of The Xenophiles April 12, 2005

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