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3 definitions by Lord Worm

A modern form of music, influenced, but wholly separate from Heavy Metal that incorporates rap, funk, simplified song structures, and subject matter geared towards the teens and youth of America. Topics often include alienation, parental abuse, and "the pain inside." Watch for simple rhyme patterns and a general lack of innovation. The oversaturation of the market with mallcore in analogous to the takeover of glam rock in the late 80s and early 90s as record companies scrambled to make a quick profit. The roots of mallcore go back to Anthrax's "I'm the Man" as well as Faith No More's "Epic." These visible hits which fused metal and rap inadvertently caused a tidal wave. Bands such as Korn and such spinoffs soon began to take over the market with detuned and substandard products. As the style of music overtook a naive fanbase, many bands, formerly true to heavy metal, began to lean towards mallcore tendencies. These bands, such as Metallica, In Flames, and others made their sound more accessible by simplifying their work and adding aspects of electronica, whispered vocals, simple chugging riffs, and taking focus off of lead guitars. This style of music as of late has been decreasing in popularity, as record companies have opted to move on to other styles of music. Most likely the style will experience a revival in the next decade as bands realize they have no money, having spent it in their prime. Revival tours and reunions will be common, and the pain of the past will be experienced once again.
The new In Flames album will definitely be mallcore.
by Lord Worm August 16, 2003
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A genre of music that encompasses some of the most complex songs, rhythmically, theoretically, and philosophically. When done correctly, it can define emotion in its purest form. It is the epitome of precision and controlled nihilism and chaos.
Chuck Schuldiner is the father of death metal
by Lord Worm August 16, 2003
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(noun): This word is mostly relegated to northeastern Ohio where one man has become somewhat of a cult hero. Jon Somogyi, now known almost exclusively as "The Noje" has accrued a celebrity status beyond his own dreams. Known for public drunkenness, incomparable, dancing, academic misconduct, an obsession with gay male sex, and deep squats, he has become well-known. His history has been put into audio form on the album "The Story of Jon somogyi" by the aptly named "Disciples of Noje." The Noje is trilingual, speaking English, Latin, and his own language consisting of one word: ba.
1. Dude, did you see Noje down that Colonial Club bottle? That was fucking crazy!
2. Come on Noje, get it done.
3. Noje! Noje! Noje!
by Lord Worm August 18, 2003
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