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The most horrible excuse for music ever that is all about sex, drugs, violence, guns, rape, gang life and money. They also swear 100000 times per "song".
Here is a good example of a rap song.

My name is Sam and I'm the realest kid
Been to jail 10 times for all the things I did
They cheer for me every time I step into the club
Next I shoot them to make sure this song ain't dubbed
I've shot askin'-for-it Asians strait in the head
Knockin' 'em out with the force of an iron safe- they're dead
Shot three hoodlums strait in their asses
I kill idiots like Hitler- showerin' 'em in gasses

Shot several people until they bled blood
I've seen people die just like Luna Lovegood
I've hijacked airplanes
Robbed old men on trains
Held innocent men captive in the wild until it rains
Making Middle School science teachers scream- stole all the testing probes
Taking things from bystanders like on a 1996 Seinfeld episode
I've knocked an old lady down 'cause she's a whiny little BITCH
Robbing senior citizens of all of their shit
I rapidly spit words out until my body splits

Chorus Sex, Sex, Drugs, Drugs, Heroin, Heroin, Guns, Guns, Money, Money, Nightclubs, Nightclubs, Violence, Violence
by Lord Voldy February 11, 2008

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