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The act of making a strong and lasting impression at a post lunch business meeting by projecting schmog all over the meeting room walls.
The only way Steve could see getting out of this 3:00PM process meeting and potentially this dead end job, was to conclude his opening remarks at the meeting with a good schmogging.
#see also schmog #beer shits #diarrhea #also misspelled schmugging #or schmoging
by Lord Smitty March 02, 2011
The trifecta of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter that is violently ejected from the body after consuming large amounts of alcohol and/or food high in fat, grease, cholesterol, and bliss.
After an indulging lunch of 5 Guys burgers and fries, Erik found himself running to the bathroom to release his schmog.

see also schmogging
#see also schmogging #beer shits #diarrhea #also spelled schmug #or shmog
by Lord Smitty March 02, 2011
The act of dragging one's ass across the floor using only hands and heels. Usually accompanied by a dangling tongue. Similar to when a dog drags his butt on the floor to itch it's anus.

The butt-scoot is often a remedy for unsuccessful wiping or removal of excess schmog.

It also can be used as an act of defiance or mockery.
The managers sat speechless in amazement as Erik did the butt-scoot around the boardroom in protest for having the meeting on a Friday at 4:30PM.

Jason won the $10 bet by successfully completing the butt-scoot all the way down the bar.

3 hours after his schmogging, Leonard found itch relief by doing the butt-scoot.
#but scoot #mut scoot #butt surfing #schmog #the butt-scoot
by Lord Smitty March 02, 2011
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