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2 definitions by Lord Shadow

Fuck up big time. If one drops the soap in a prison shower, they'll get ass raped.
George: Shit I broke the tv
Bob: Looks like you dropped the prison soap this time....Wanna go get some ice cream?
George: sure.
(a cookie to the first person who figures out that reference)
by Lord Shadow September 15, 2004
a japaneese to english translation with no work on the sentence structure. MOst commonly thought of in reference to the sega genesis game Zero Wing

also commonly used to piss people off on the internet by translating it into other net speak.
How are you gentelmen, all your base are belong to us.

H0w 4r3 j00 g3nt3lm3n, 4ll j00r b4s3 4r3 b3l0n6 t0 us.

(mine) How art thou gentelmen, all of thine base doth belong to us.
by Lord Shadow September 14, 2004