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16 definitions by Lord Rodericus

Vulgar Mexican Spanish word that has no equivelent in English. Mainly used in the dialects of the southern mexican states of Guerrero, Oaxaca..etc.
"Ora Cocho!"
by Lord Rodericus July 30, 2003
When someone taps a guys penis with his/her hand or with an object. EXTREMELY GAY if your a dude doing it.
"Chuck Lee was a peter tapper."
by Lord Rodericus August 17, 2003
In Vulgar Spanish "Cuche" translates to hog or pig.
"Im going to barbeque a cuche."
by Lord Rodericus July 30, 2003
Term used to define "The root of all evil."
"The bible is Lihoe."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
AKA The Beak Former member of LEAJ. (League of Extrordinary Anti Jorhoes). {see def. for LEAJ} The Beak was brutally slain by the Demon Jorhoe. He was known for verbal confrontations and knowledge of automobile racing.
"The Beak was an Isuzu Roller."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
The Weasel AKA "La Rata" is an accomplice of Nooger. Weasel's are recognized by a bald odd shaped head and inferior sun glasses. Although not as deadly as a Nooger it is still a force to be reckoned with.
"Archeologists discover what seem to be the remains of a Weasel."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
AKA The Lord of the Range Balls. El Caballo is the Demon ruling the land of Noogoria. He is recognized by his scorpion like face and massive legs capable of sending men 30 yards with one kick. It is also written that one day a hero will emerge and take the land of Noogoria from his grasp.
"When El Caballo arrives. All citized scatter."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003