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Going to the bathroom (or other private place) exclusively to send/receive a text message. Usually to hide the fact that your texting someone other than the person/people you are with.
The boy I was on date with was lame, so at dinner I text dumped Sasha to see what she was up to when I ditched the loser.
by Lord Rader January 24, 2011
noun, verb (dawg trot)

1) The act of putting on the appearance that you are hustling, usually for the benefit of a boss' eyes, even though you are going about your normal business.

2) Acting as if you are very busy and/or serious with an important task when in fact you are not.

3) A gait that is between a run and a walk that makes you look like you are hustling but takes no more energy than a walk.

ORIGIN: A term used on film sets to playfully joke that a person is working very hard when they are simply doing their normal job.
"That assistant has a helluva dog trot when I tell him to fetch me some water."

"With that dog trot I can't tell if he is busy doing his job or just running to check his facebook."
by Lord Rader October 27, 2011
The act of "spooning" with the intent of turning into the act of sex. Usually by use of an erection while spooning.
I woke up this morning to my boyfriend sporking me, which of course lead to sex.
by Lord Rader May 10, 2011
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