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Color seen when:
-someone is gonna puke
-u squish a normal bug
-u burn copper sulfate
-a tree is alive in summer
-someone has a lot of money
I stole a shitload of green.
by Lord Nword February 27, 2003
a color seen as follows:
-when someone farts aloud
-when someone pokes themself with pointy objects
-when someone jumps in a pile of rotten tomatoes
-when someone runs into a car
The boy ran into the wall and all was red.
by Lord Nword February 27, 2003
a MALE (whether naturally or by sex change) who is related to u because he has the same mother and the same father as u.
They can be jerks or pals, mine is a jerk
My brother is not as smart as me.
by Lord Nword February 27, 2003

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