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The current form of government in the United States, as defined by the complete absence of debate of actual issues in favor of demonizing ones opponents.
In this demonocracy, I need not address your valid concerns. I need only point out that my opponent sups on the souls of the innocent.
by Lord Nexus VI October 08, 2010
The belief or doctrine that it is Americans' inherent right to consume massive quantities of food, expanding their waistlines from coast to coast.
If anyone questions why so many Americans are ginormously fat, simply refer them to the doctrine of Manifest Density.
by Lord Nexus VI November 22, 2012
A gentleman's request to redo the last millennium.
So far, the 2000s have been a bust. You guys mind if I take a millennigan?
by Lord Nexus VI October 08, 2010
The act of getting some cheap laughs by pooping one's pants.
Billy's lame jokes kept falling flat, so, desperate for a laugh, he decided to change course and try some self-defecating humor.
by Lord Nexus VI November 22, 2012
Person who has taken incessant yapping to the level of a fetish. One who spews forth so much verbiage that it causes listeners physical pain, which the bloviatrix then derives sadistic pleasure from.
That guy talks more than a roomful of sorority girls. He's a real bloviatrix.
by Lord Nexus VI October 08, 2010

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