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Someone (usually a friend) who had just displayed a distinct lack of intelligence.
Tim: "I don't know where all those numbers (On the phone bill) came from, I know I was the only one ion the house at the time, but I didn't ring anyone"

Woz: "Have you been ringing sex lines in the day... you Grizzleneck!
#grizzleneck #retard #fool #moron #spaz
by Lord Muttonchop August 26, 2008
A man in their mid fifites who had lost a "man boob" through an accient, usually will have a beard and an extremely bad temper.
Marc: Woz! Look, Gilly's only got one Tit, the mardy beardy twat!"

Woz: "Gilly?!"

Gilly: "What?!"

Woz: Yelling "You... Teatime Ballbag!"
#teatime #ballbag #titty #beard #gilly
by Lord Muttonchop August 26, 2008
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