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The week preceding the opening night of a stage performance where an actor, stage crewmember, or tech crewmember will stay extremely late every night until a director is satisfied. The "tech week" is where all the lighting, stage direction, props, costumes, and acting comes together.

tech weeking-
1. The act of experiencing or participating in a tech week.
2. The emotional state brought on by experiencing a tech week. Symptoms of tech weeking may include loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of sanity, loss of free time, and loss of life.
"I'm sorry Ms. Bucken, I didn't do my homework, I've had a tech week all week and I've been on stage until 11:30 every night."

1. "I'm sorry Ms. Bucken, I've been tech weeking all week and I've had to stay late every night."
2. "I'm sorry Ms. Bucken." *Turns over desk, punches Ms. Bucken in the face, and runs out the door.*
by Lord Kuthi March 11, 2007

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