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when a noob uses a powerful, uber vehicle to try a pwn skillful people.
one guy: "God damn, who the hell is in the noob wagon?"
other guy: " i dont know, but he's really pissing me off."
by Lord Jackal January 13, 2008
a noob that attempts to kill good people with a battle rifle in the game of halo.
normally they either miss, get gut shots, or a leg shot
player 1: *running along*
Noob: *shoots and misses. then fires again and gets a gut shot*
Player: "whos the BR noob attempting to hit me?!"
Noob: *fires again and misses*
Player 1: *finds the noob after missing the shot* "Boom Head Shot!" *kills noob
by Lord Jackal February 12, 2008

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