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Savagely brutal anal gang-rape. Fabled punishment for trespassing on the tribal land of a fictitious African tribe.
Death by bunga-bunga.
by Lord Humungous April 21, 2004
A bitch slap in which the one delivering starts with his or her hand below the waist.
Rubbernecker #1: "Oh, shit! That poor bastard just got bitch slapped!"
Rubbernecker #2: "No, no, my friend. That was an ATOMIC bitch-slap. Notice how that poor bastard's assailant pulled his hand all the way below his waist before letting loose? Man, he's gonna need to put some ice on that."
by Lord Humungous November 25, 2006
A euphemism for taking a dump. Usually used if the eminent dump is expected to be massive and/or time consuming.
Manager: "Nancy, please hold all my calls, I need to go deploy the subs."
by Lord Humungous November 25, 2006

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