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Blackadder (the comedy show) is genius, sheer unadulterated genius.

Blackadder II (the character) sums up all that is great about being English. Nasty, sarcastic, Euro-racist and doesn't suffer fools...
(During an archery practice)
Percy: Sorry I'm late.
Edmund (Blackadder): No, don't bother apologizing. I'm sorry you're alive.
Percy: Oh good, I see the target is ready. (Picks up the bow) I'd like to see the Spaniard who could make his way past me.
Edmund: Well, go to Spain. There are millions of them.
Percy: I'll advise them to stay there then. Keep their hands off our women.
Edmund: Oh God, who is she this time?
Percy: I don't know what you mean. Aah, ouch, aah. (Edmund succeeds in pilfering a letter from Percy)
Edmund: Aah, and who is Jane?
Percy: I'm sworn to secrecy. Torture me, kill me, you shall never know. Ooh, ouch... Jane Herrington. We're very much in love, my lord.
Edmund: This is the Jane Herrington?
Percy: Yes.
Edmund: Jane - bury-me-in-a-Y-shaped-coffin - Herrington.
Percy: I.., I think maybe there are two Jane Herringtons.
Edmund: No... Tall, blond, elegant?
Percy: Right, that's right.
Edmund: Goes like a privy door when the plague is in town? Come on, get on with your shot. You'll get over her... I did...
by Lord Flashheart November 06, 2006

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