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The Almighty 5 Star family include Vice Lords.Black P Stones,Latin Kings,Spaninsh Lords,Mickey Cobras,and Etc. Their enemies are the Folk Nation including Black Disciples, Gangsta Disciple,Black Gangster Disciple,and other branches. Some People Nation members roll with some blood gangs, but not every people nation member respects bloods. I aint a brick so I dont know if GD's supposed to get along with crips or not, but alot of times I see Crips and GD's they always shake up(show love to each other). Me being Traveling Vice Lord I really dont give a fuck who want it wit 5olid. My brother is a member of the Gangster Disciples. Even though my organization beefin wit GD's my brother is my family. Never will I turn my back on my niggaz or my family. Praise Allah Lord of the World.Almighty loves nobody loves Almighty. TVL 20-22-12
People Nation as in the 5 star family originating in Chicago
#people nation #vl #gangster disciple #bos #blood #crip
by Lord Disaster August 03, 2007
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