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Moshers generally keep 2 there own groups, they dont start fights they finish them and in general are quite nice people once u get to know them. one thing they aren't is satanist's and not all of them listen 2 heavy metal, in fact more of them listen 2 drumb and bass and rock music. moshers are out 2 have a good time and make da best of der youth. moshers main rivals are chavs, chavs see moshers as der only real threat i think thats why they try to beat up any individual mosher they can find, but of course if there's a group of moshers and a group of chavs, the chavs will back down first.

In cocnclusion if you move to a new area and your stuck for finding new friends make friends with moshers, you'll get along better with them, you'll get in less trouble and you'll have a lot more fun also not forgetting that moshers are a hell of a lot more mature than most people of there age.
chav group: look at those fuckin moshers, what a bunch of fuckin retards. (all laugh)

mosher group: yeah ok, wen u reckon der gonna grow up.

chav group: what the fuck you chattin, you wanna make somthing of it, come on then ya fucking dickheads.

mosher group: be serious you actually want us to start something?

chav group: all shout and swear as they walk away.
by Lorcan O'Connor April 11, 2007
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