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A social class created by young, inexperienced mercenaries and security contractors. These temporarily wealthy individuals usually buy expensive military equipment/weapons or extravagant vacations. Neither of which are proportionate with their skill set or true earning power.
"Nigger Rich" buys a gold plated Desert Eagle and takes his vacations in Atlanta.

"Blackwater Rich" buys 2 camo-painted, .50 caliber sniper rifles, and owns a penthouse suite in Bangkok.
by Lonely Roamer January 08, 2009
A vigorous, rhythmic, two handed blowjob or handjob. The twisting motion is similar to using a pepper corn grinder. "Pepper Cracker" describes the technique of using an up and down stroke with one hand turning clockwise and the other turning counterclockwise simultaneously.
I'm telling you man, that freak ho Lucy's got one mean Pepper Cracker. After she puts her hands on your dick you'll be picking bed sheet out of your ass for a week.
by Lonely Roamer January 08, 2009
Beat Up Guts Syndrome. The clinical diagnosis for vaginal or rectal trauma caused by the repetitive thrusting of a large penis or dildo. Symptoms include cramping, diarrhea, ataxia, cervical pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, anal leakage, orgasm, vomiting, constipation, vertigo, vaginal wall tearing. Treatment usually entails a week's rest and a refusal to have sex with the offending partner again.
I'm not letting you fuck me in the ass with that horse dick of yours!

Why not?

That thing will give me the B.U.G.S. and I wont be able to walk straight till next Tuesday.

by Lonely Roamer January 08, 2009
"Half Homo" is a derogatory term used to describe a straight man who exclusively engages in anal sex with women. A man who is half homo does NOT engage in any homosexual acts with men, however he does forsake vaginal intercourse and is only satisfied by sodomizing women.
Katie: Lets have a quickie!
Jacob: Ok, but only if I get to pound that ass.
Katie: Why don't we ever have normal sex? Are you Half Homo?
by Lonely Roamer March 14, 2011
The exagerated fear and dread of being unexpectedly trampled by a herd of wild African elephants.
I went to Kenya worried about Hyenas and crocodiles, but left with "Elephobia" after a herd wandered into my camp site and overturned a bus
by Lonely Roamer August 02, 2010

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