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1 definition by Lonely Assistant

A modern day slave. A person who does all of his/her spaz-attack boss’ dirty work.

When receiving orders simply smiles and says “Yes sir,” “Yes ma’m,” and “not a problem, I’ll get started on it right away,” but really would like to say “you want me to do what?,” “are you freak'n kidding me, can't you see I’m still working on the last “project” you gave me?,” and “why the hell can’t you do that yourself.”

When turning in work says “it was my pleasure,” “not a problem,” and “let me know if there is anything else I can do for you,” but would really like to say “here’s the shit you wanted,” “next time get it yourself,” and “if you come into my office one more time…”
Boss to assistant: I need you to do W, Y and Z now.

Assistant: "Yes sir/ma'm, right away master. Would you like to me to polish your ass while I'm at it?"
by Lonely Assistant August 03, 2012