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A popular series on Showcase and BBC America (edited on BBC, though), and features: J-ROC, Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Tyrone, Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Supervisor), Barbara Lahey (Trailer Park Owner), Randy (Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor). It's now in it's fifth season, where Julian has stolen a Monte Carlo, and Ricky's still driving "The Shitmobile" New Yorker in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.
"Trevor, smokes, let's go" - Ricky
"Fuck off, I got work to do" - Cyrus
"Knock, knock..." "Who's there?" "Fuck off"
"Don't you guys have some offs to fuck?" "What?" "Fuck off!"
by Lone Lobo June 07, 2005
A member of an organised crime family such as an Italian or Russian mafia or the Japanese Yakuza. Not to be confused with gangsta. Gangsters are usually rich, and their "duties" involve everything from assassinations, to body disposal, to operating business "fronts" for the mafia. Generally mafias are also known for blackmail, prostitution, bribing, assassination, murder, loan shark-ing.
Play Grand Theft Auto III, you deal a lot with true gangsters there.
by Lone Lobo November 30, 2005
A verb, (to wallet dance).
It means to basically spend other people's money, usually a boyfriend or girlfriend, and once they're out of money, you leave.
#1. That bitch took me wallet dancing, $800 yesterday alone!
#2. I took that bitch wallet dancing, check out the loot I got!
by Lone Lobo March 18, 2006
See HyperStream or SPAM
That's what HyperStream is. Mindless posting.
by Lone Lobo October 10, 2004
That's what HyperStream is. Mindless drivel.
by Lone Lobo October 10, 2004
That's what HyperStream is. Mindless SPAM.
by Lone Lobo October 10, 2004
A deuce-deuce is flipping the bird in both hands (second finger)
The silly muthafucka pulls out a deuce deuce
Little did he know, I had a loaded 12 gauge.
by Lone Lobo October 02, 2005

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