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term used in financial service centers,where employees are sitting in cubicles and the method of communication is chatting. An office slurp occurs when one is sending a juicy,and kinky joke or gossip (please not confuse with unfunny and uninteresting rumors that old office hags spread) via chat,and the receiver has to laugh,but so that the others (company mushrooms,yes-men or office ogres) around should not notice that. Therefore (s)he is making a slurping sound effect to cover the vicious laughing.
Friend: Hey,Have you heard that Marc has a fake pussy in his backpack??
Other Friend: ssssssssllllllllluuurp (sound effect) That s what I call a real office slurp!
by Lolita67 November 04, 2011
An euphemism which occurs if a woman is putting a guy in the friendzone, with other words this means that she doesn’t want to have neither relationship nor an intercourse with a man, but instead of telling him, the insulting and degrading “let s just be friends” she is using as an excuse, that in case of a relationship she is looking for the “wow” feeling that she unfortunately doesn’t seem to have with that certain guy, even though he is a very nice person.
Santos: You look so fabulous in the moonlight! Do you think we can move on,and spend this night together ? I have some champagne and strawberries in my fridge!

Lorena: I am really sorry, honestly,I like you you a lot,but I didn’t get the “wow feeling” and that is what I am looking for when I start a relationship with someone!
Santos: hmm..seems, that you have given me a wow speech..
by Lolita67 October 15, 2012

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