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Sid Vicious was the second bassist for the largely popular punk band, the Sex Pistols. He was voilent, crazy and bored. During shows, Sid would carve words into his chest or vomit on the crowd. Sid soon met Nancy and she introduced him to herione which he quickly became addicted to. Sid was later accused of killing Nancy and he eventually overdosed on herione. Sid is a punk legend and is often seen as a mascot for punk. He often gains most credit for the Sex Pistols although he wasn't the greatest bassist and he didn't write all of the songs. But, Sid showed that you didn't exactly need to be the greatest at your instrument to be in a punk band, but to have the right spirit and attitude. Many people blame Nancy for Sid's troubles and death because she introduced him to the highly addictive drug, but without Sid's death would the punk scene be the same? If Sid didn't become addicted to herione, would punk in GENERAL be the same?
Sid Vicious died on February 2nd, 1979. He was 21 years and 9 months old.
Although Sid Vicious' life was short he will not be forgotten. His legend lives on.
by Lola Pie Punk January 01, 2006
The Unseen are one of the greatest modern day punk bands out there. They showed and are still showing true punk. They set an awesome example to other punk bands and show TRUE punk, not Green Day, Good Charlotte or Simple Plan. They take their music seriously, but still have time to fool around and make re-makes of songs that you wouldn't think a hardcore punk band would re-make. Such as 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. They aren't afraid to state their opinions in words or in songs. Such as 'Fuck the KKK.'
The Unseen are a GREAT punk band; they're awesome live and love talking to fans after their shows.
by Lola Pie Punk January 01, 2006

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