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A family game for kids of all ages, although primarily played among teenagers aged 13-17. This game consists of one or more persons supplying used, bloody tampons, and distributing them evenly throughout the group. You then run around like the game 'tag' and whoever has the most stuck on them at the end loses. And the least wins.
Let's play Tampon Tag!
by Lola Flores December 29, 2010
1. A girl who is two-faced, and goes behind her friends, and equals backs to try and make herself more popular.

A girl who whore's around, and then denies it, a girl who is overall shady.

2. A burrito with everything on it.
1.The "Blender" girls are shady two-faced skank whores.

2.Hola, can I get a shady two-faced skank whore?
by Lola Flores December 29, 2010
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