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George W Bush: Still the President.

Keep in mind:

Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton all took military/economic action against Iraq. The Iraqi fascists were sour and wanted us dead. Saddam housed members of al-Qaeda, paid suicide bombers and killed not only his own people, but our allies in Israel. After 9/11, Bush said that anyone who helps terrorists is just as guilty. America agreed. Bush took action.
Nine Democratic members of Congress introduced the recent bill that would allow for a draft in this situation; not a single Republican was involved, yet the GOP received the blame.

Remember these things. If you try to delete it just because you don't want the opposing arguments out there, you're nothing but an authoritarian communist. Heed these words, America, and whether you agree with Bush or not on everything else, the man is not a bloodthirsty maniac; that was Saddam Hussein.
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President Bush was re-elected in 2004.
by Logic Lou December 19, 2004

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