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1. A snitch, someone who gives away someone else in exchange for payment or favors.

2. A brown-noser, someone who curries favor from someone else by behaving obsequiously, fawning over someone else, a toady or sycophant.
Rosa Emilia es una alcagüete de Romero Barceló.
by Loco Como Cabra May 15, 2009
Puerto Rican derogatory slang for a political assistant, flunky or gopher.
Ese tipo es un soplapote, no sirve pa' na'.
by Loco como cabra October 20, 2008
1. Wind instrument which produces a prolonged and loud sound similar to that of a trumpet or shell.

2. Derogatory term for Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño, leader of one of the most destructive and terrorist administrations the island of Puerto Rico has ever had.
Ese fotuto no vale un chavo, que se vaya con su esposa y sus hijos pa' Estados Unidos.
by Loco Como Cabra October 15, 2009
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