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Leeds' very own version of the valley girl (USA). Usually attends Metropolitan University due to general lack of intelligence and resides in the headingly area. Main interests involve spending parents cash on alcohol fuelled self destruction, ridiculously large sunglasses (to be worn all year round & indoors), blonde hair-dye and generic tribal-style tattoos which are always located on the lower back (see arse-antlers).
Will frequently begin drinking around midday and can be easily identified as they will be the loudest person in the pub and will be heard making statements such as the following:
" OH..... MY GOD! Last night I was, like.... SO DRUNK! And it was like, OH MY GOD.... This guy came up to me at the bar and he was all like "you are like well fit innit, can i get you a drink love?" and he was all like trying to slip GHB in it or whatever but i totally didn't care cos i was like, SOOO drunk and i just like, drank it anyway. Anyway later on the bouncers tried to thow us all out and we were all like NO WAY MATE and i went up to him and threw up on his shoes and it was like, SOOO FUNNY cos i was SOOO DRUNK!!!"

note: will always use AQI (American Question Intonation) whereby the tone of the voice is raised at the end of every phrase, no matter how incoherent, making it appear to be a question. this is true to most headingley girls despite the fact that they all come from hampshire....
by Local folk May 28, 2006

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