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One of the best tropical islands to ever live on!

So let's take a look at one topic that occurred here on our Island of Guam;

A group of U.S. white males were invited to a fiesta, all having a good time. That group started flirting with a local married female, who her husband then attempted to protect her. The group then left, and returned later that day with their weapons drawn on those people. People who were not armed with weapons!!!! I have nothing against the United States, only to those involved when incidences such as this occur...

And you stated, "Where America's Nighmare Begins"?

Our homes here are built of concrete, that can withstand more than 200 per mile winds, how about yours? Guess what? when we get hit by a typhoon, hurricane is another word for it, if you don't know that, we have the NATURAL RESOURCES to get us by, like fresh water from rain and the rivers, wood from trees and the livestock we raise. How about you? Oh, I know how, you're going to have to break your precious dining table to use for firewood, right? And break your water pipes to get to that last drop of water, huh? Oh yes, I almost forgot! For food? hmmm, now, where in a city are you going to get food? Oooh, I know, you're going to have to break into the store and steal the food! That's right, huh?
When we have a party here, we invite almost anyone to join us, how about you? From what I see over there, only certain groups are invited, right? like, maybe, if you are a middle class man, only middle class men are invited then, huh?

We have a culture here. maybe where you're from, not too many people are true friends to you because of how you perceive others to be. What you need is good discipline and education about the life of this World because the way you speak, seems to me that you weren't taught the good things in life....or maybe, you were taught, but you chose to be who you are.

So tell me, "O Highly Ignorant and Envious Beings" you call yourselves and claim to be "Top Seniority" to all Human Beings of this World!, What were you describing us "People from Guam" to be again?

There are other topics I would just love to add here, but I think this should hit the spot!

And last but not least, there are many GOOD PEOPLE every where in this World, and you're not a part of them!

Let's face it! Grow up!
by Local Resident January 07, 2012
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