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This is where a woman manufactures an intimate yet fake online relationship with a (usually lonely) male to con him out of money. After she sinks her claws in, she comes up with a story that her electricity and internet are about to be cut off and she won't be able to talk to him anymore. The guy believes he is a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue and wires her a few hundred dollars. Meanwhile, the grifter girl has another 6 marks on the hook who she's currently working. (The guy is distressed when he finally figures it out…)
Dude, you look like hell! What happened?

I met this really great girl over the internet. We fell in love and were planning to meet in person. But she lost her job and couldn't pay her bills. So I sent her some money to help her out but I haven't heard from her in days. I'm really worried something happened to her.

Dude! You totally got Damsel-in-Distressed!


Uh, never mind.
by Lo S3lf 3st33m January 14, 2011
Eating out a girl's pussy while she is on her period.
Dude! I was at a bar last night and I picked up this really skanky welfare rat, but it was so long since I scored I didn't give a fuck if I got AIDS!

And so I got her back to my place and I just had some strange self-destructive compulsion to eat out her pussy. But right in the middle mother nature paid a visit. But I was too drunk and I just kept going, vampire style! I don't know if she even noticed but she seemed to like it!


It wasn't actually that bad. In fact I think I kinda liked it. I think I'm going get some goth gear. Maybe I can score with one of those fucked-up emo chicks who cut themselves… I bet they like a guy willing to go the extra mile!

Later dude...
by Lo S3lf 3st33m July 25, 2010

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