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tortillologist An expert on tortillas. The one who pursues the profession of kowing all there is to know of the manufacture, production, preparing, eating, marketing tortillas.
Tortillogist is the person who knows everything there is about tortillas; the thickness, moister, size, cocking details, marketing and consumption of tortillas. A tortillogist is an expert in the manufacture of tortillas. The original Tortillologist was John Manuel Solis who coined the term
by Lloyd Winburn February 03, 2009
Lloyd Winburn is a description for one who goes for one idea after another; he loves the idea more than the actual thing; ready to venture, out front taking chances; before everybody when skirting the Law. A prison term for tax violations. Ready to be part of a conspiracy if it is good for society, his pocket or his grandkids.
There you go again, pulling another Lloyd Winburn.
You did a Lloyd Winburn? What was the charge?
Is this for real or is it a Lloyd Winburn?
Why don't you settle down and stop being a Lloyd Winburn? Focus.
When you are like Lloyd Winburn your are doing a Lloyd Winburn
You have the imatination of a Lloyd Winburn.
Slow down, Man, you are becoming a Lloyd Winburn.
by Lloyd Winburn February 26, 2008
In all seriousness, goosey denotes caution, touchy, frightened, scared, careful
He was goosey about getting into the boat.

She was goosey about anyone's touching her.

by Lloyd Winburn February 16, 2006
cold cocked (verb) The state of having been blown by someone with a mouth full of ice.
I was cold cocked last night.
She put me on my back and cold cocked me.

by Lloyd Winburn April 28, 2007

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