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1 definition by Llort009

The punks of the internet who like to break rules of forums and other websites or who like to complain and protest about the websites in which they are members of or hate.

A troll whole goal is to get a rise out of people on the internet by making either remarks and statements so stupid that the people on the other side of the screen either think the troll is crazy or they're smart enough to know they're dealing with a troll.

Another type of troll is the concern troll the kind of troll that post on forums, comments, or youtube comments trying to convey a sense of concern for problems that aren't there and to piss people off in the process. Another aspect of the concern troll group is the censor troll, who reports people, not because the person is doing anything wrong, they (again) just want to piss people off.
4chan is the biggest troll hang out spot on the Internet.

Some troll tried to piss me off yesterday by acting like a devout Christian.
by Llort009 February 08, 2011