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2 definitions by Llama! :)

A feeling you get when you're eager to run into a thornbush.

Also used to express your dislike or discomfort in regards to something, and you'd prefer to run into a thornbush than do that certain something.
"How are you feeling?"

"Aw, why?"
"Got this loooaaadd of homework to do"
by Llama! :) March 17, 2011
"Umpstable" is a word to describe somebody.
By calling somebody "umpstable" you're saying that they are showing off, but that are attempting to make it look natural. Therefore, they don't come under the "show-off" category, instead they come under the "umpstable" category.
In transformers when Sam is showing Mikaela the light and disco ball, stretching his arm back indicating where the light reflects- showing his muscles. This everyone, is being umpstable!
by Llama! :) March 17, 2011