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My Chemical Romance!Hmm?What is there to say except they fucking rock!!!!!I totally love'em!!!And to whoever said that we should listen to the ramones instead,well as a matter of fact I went to their concert wearing a ramones shirt.Well they totally rock,because besides being kick ass rock stars,I saw walking Gerard and Bob walking around before one of their concerts just chillin without bodyguards or any of that crap, and they werent stuck up to smile at me.(Even though I was to shy to go up to them,and i respected the fact that they wanted to keep their presence low key).Well any band that fuckin rocks,and loves their fans as much as they do is a god damn good band!!!I wish them all the luck with their careers and cant wait to go to their next concert!!!-Lizette
"Also, thanks for coming out to the headlining dates. We saw a lot of old friends, as well as meeting new ones. We didn’t expect so many of you to come, so thanks for rocking out, sweating and bleeding with us. Right now is a really exciting time for us, so thank you all for being part of it and being there with us."-MCR
by Lizette DA.Y April 03, 2005
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