155 definitions by Liz

the combination of beans and tina
hey, bina's coming over to the party tonight.
by liz September 30, 2004
the man i'm going to marry- a born fuckmonster-an eloquent lyrical master who tops it off with a velvety orgasmic voice...
Anthony Kiedis has nice legs.
by liz May 17, 2004
disgusting, old, ugly man who is old enough to be your father and girls everywhere lust after him (me NOT being one of them)
the man whom you call a father!!!
by Liz January 09, 2005
Asian. It just is. Wnag and chung both sound very asian...
Go cook some rice Wang Chung!
by Liz April 01, 2005
When a female is recieving oral sex on her menstral cycle and the person performing kisses her afterward.
Betty gave sarah rainbow kisses
by Liz November 19, 2002
Like MoCo, but not as cool as MoCo. They all wanna be like MoCo, but they can't quite pull off the coolness
HoCo Person-damn i wish I lived in MoCo
MoCo Person- duh, MoCo rocks
by Liz January 09, 2005
the reason why this country is still alive and running, only democrats bringing it down
demorcrats to republicans: work harder, welfare (we) depends on you
by liz August 16, 2005

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