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Currently the largest school in the state of Virginia with 30,000+ students. Largest freshman class in the history of VCU with 3,381 students making up the class of 2011.

This school accepts everyone and everything. Thursday night party scenes consist of BYOB so if you can't contribute, you're stuck in your dorm room. Frats run Friday nights, with freshmen girls filling their sketchy headquarters.

Most freshmen stay in Brandt Hall (mostly filled with NOVA stuck up bitches) most sterile living headquarters, Rhoads (AKA Roach Motel) where the presence of roaches is nothing new, partying is always happening, and quiet hours are disregarded, or Johnson Hall, the number one place to smoke pot in (according to High Times magazine) and where most artsy-fartsy people live in. Lots of random ass shit going on.

Dining Dollars and Ram Bucks allow you to dine at Subway, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, among other things.

Campus is in the middle of the city, so it's hard to distinguish who's a Ram, and who's just some random person waiting for the bus by the cathedral.

VCU has no football team, but it has Homecoming. You need to like basketball if you want to be a Ram.
"VCU Football: Still undefeated."
by Liu Cho September 06, 2007

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