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A nerdtastic tantrum induced by either accumulation of nerdy goods (a.k.a. green laser pointer modded to 100 mW, an original press of The Silmarillion, a PS3 in 2006, etc.) or by destruction of the goods thereof.

If not attended to, a cascade of nerd fits may turn into nerd rage at which point immediate assistance is required to prevent nerd coma or a domino effect which could destroy further items or persons triggering additional nerd fits, yada yada yada.
Worker from Game Stop bound for nerdatory: Hello! As our one hundredth buyer of the PS3 you have been chosen to receive an uber spy kit! This will include spycam/mp3 matrix looking sunglasses, a book vault, night vision binoculars, a mithril vest, a complete collectors addition of Metal Gear Solid, Spycraft, and EverQuest.

Buyer bound for nerd fit: *Giggles* *Squeals* *Left Eye Twitches* *Falls on the floor while snorting and squealing battle cries in prepubescent voice* *Seizures while ululating jubilantly in mythical tongue*
by Liska Kiska August 07, 2011
The place where a seemingly simpleton nerd will go upon death. This place is for those who work computer/desk jobs, eat greasy microwavable food and play lots of video games. They lead a generally simple life but experience a few brain powered nerdgasms and indirectly contribute to the progression of our species. They will thus go to nerdatory.

Compare to purgatory
Mr. Johnson: Rick down at the office sure is great! That encryption program he wrote back in 95' still runs like butter and he is never too lazy to file papers!

Ms. Latash: Sure thing Mr. Johnson! Don't know what we'd do without him. Rarely going into nerd rage, he will surely at the least go to nerdatory.
by Liska Kiska August 05, 2011

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