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Firstly lets get this clear...
There is nothing wrong with scene kids kay?
Only that they are slightly contradictive.
But guess what everyone condradicts themself so no-one can really go against them.
a scene kid....
Usually don:
bands tees
cute cardigans for girlies
bows in hair
lots of cute bright makeup
packman belt buckels
and so on...

Why hate them?
they dont hate themselfes
scene kids = happy people XD

They have their own slag/language
but all social groups do.
some enclude:
"the sex"
"thats phat"
ScenexKidxGirl: xCSS=Immensityx
ScenexKidxBoy: ThexAtticusxKid

xCSS=Immensityx: Yo' nigga.
ThexAtticusxKid: Sup?
xCSS=Immensityx: Gig last night was s.a.f.e
ThexAtticusxKid: Innit. Btw Your Pic teh sex!
xCSS=Immensityx: stfu Im ugly as.

Thats scene kids for you.
by LiquerxRainbows June 12, 2007

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