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A female's sexual reproductive area, collectively the Vulva, Vagina, Uterus, etc. It has become known, in slang, as honey pot due to the nature of the vagina, foreign fluids, objects can be inserted into the reproductive system. Mainly the fact that semen has similar viscosity as honey. Therefore it is called a Honey Pot due to the ability to accept foreign fluids and objects. The slang, Honey Pot, is not widely used due to other words such as gash and creampie has taken its place.
"I gave a big one in that honey pot" - suggests semen being introduced into the vagina.

"I stuck my fingers into my honey pot and gave a good twirl" - suggest that a female is masturbating, using fingers.

"She got a gaping honey pot." - suggests a female has a loose or large vulva or vagina, as in not tight or visually large in size.
by Linkage Oracle December 05, 2006
Peng is a slang word which suggests or gives hint that someone or something is attractive or 'fitting' in its purpose, The word can also be used to describe something although it has no defined descriptive properties.
"You lot are peng, thanks man" - could suggest that a friend is safe or mingles well with you

"Dem gals are peng" - could suggest that a girl/boy is sexy or quite attractive, either long term or sexual.
by Linkage Oracle December 05, 2006

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