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3 definitions by Lindsay Weaver

A word used to describe or replace the popular phrase, "Whats up?" Can also be used to ask what is happening at the current time in someone's life.
Hey Ashley, whats crack-a-lackin'?
by Lindsay Weaver June 24, 2006
127 44
A way to express somthing is cool. This form of expression was very popular in the 20's and is making a new come-back.
Look, that's berries!
by Lindsay Weaver June 24, 2006
6 3
(Pronounced: Chach-o) A verb meaning, "when someone sings badly but they think they are actually good." The verb is derived from the noun "DiCiaccio."
While singing karaoke, Everyone covered their ears while Kristen Ciaccioed.
by Lindsay Weaver June 25, 2006
3 11