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2 definitions by Lindsay (aka., onelessthing)

(N.): 1. Used in some punk/indie-music circles as a synonym for misogyny.
2. Someone who is a misogynist.
Syn.: sexist-pig, woman-hater

(Adj.): The quality of misogyny, or of being a misogynist.
Syn.: sexist, woman-hating
(n.): 1. "Hell, you can cut out a whole lot of punk rock in the 80’s due to its steak, and/or homophobic, nature; the important thing is that we are aware of these shortcomings and take care not to reproduce them in our actions, focusing only on positive qualities."
2. "Man, did you hear the wife-beating joke buddy fronting that band told? The dude's a total steak!"

(Adj.): Hey dude, don't tell that joke! It's totally steak!
by Lindsay (aka., onelessthing) August 07, 2006
(Adj.) A complimentary description for an undeniable and complete over-achievement.

(N.) Someone or thing who/which is perfect, without coming across as arrogant or being otherwise objectionable in nature.
(Adj.) When Jane passed John the nice, smokable, two-paper joint she had rolled for her friends, John exclaimed: "Damn, Jane, this thing is obnoxious!"

(N.) Looks, does great in school, and he's a really great guy -- dude's obnoxious!
by Lindsay (aka., onelessthing) August 12, 2006