44 definitions by Linda

the process of banging, f*cking, having sex..
We were "zonking" in his parent's room and they walked in
by linda March 11, 2005
the new lame. bitch.
magnetikk ^($&#^ %&#$)(%*#
by Linda December 11, 2004
the opening in front of boxer shorts
by linda February 09, 2002
A cat or a kitten
When a cat or kitten is acting all sweet and innocent.
by Linda October 27, 2003
A hapless man usually from Hammond, Indiana,with extremely gargantuan hairy balls and a 2" erect shlong.
OMG!!! My eyes are bleeding!!!

OMG!!! EeeeeW!!! Furry basketballs!!! um...John, I hear my mom calling, got to run........byeeeeeeeeeee.
by Linda April 25, 2005
Somebody that is working so hard to get more money that they forget that there are more important things in the world.
He is such a money slave that he won't even take a vacation to go visit his dying mother.
by Linda December 14, 2003
an activity relating to the fine art of relaxing, being the acts of lazing on a rug whilst listening to mix cds and drinking coffee, not necessarily in winter but preferably taking place at a secluded beach
let's go winter beaching next week
by linda April 14, 2005

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