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Hawthorne Heights, previously A Day In The Life, is a band hailing from Ohio. The genre of music they're classified as playing, is usually questionable, and varies from person to person. Their first album, The Silence in Black and White, was released as three seperate albums. One being the standard album, the second and third being the deluxe edition, including a DVD of the band, and several extra songs, in your choice of an included black or white slipcover. Their second album, If Only They Were Lonely, is avaliable in both the "boy" and "girl" version, both containing a different lyrics booklet, with different art. If you put both booklets together, the entire story is revealed, although the album itself isn't really a concept album. Both albums were released with Vicory Records, an independent record label. A DVD was also released, called This Is Who We Are. The band has also released three music videos, to date, for the songs "Ohio Is For Lovers," "Niki FM," and "Saying Sorry," all currently recieving MTV and FUSE airplay. In some areas, they may or may not be in radio circulation.

The song "Ohio Is For Lovers" has been deemed controversial by many, due to the lyrics, "So cut my wrists and black my eyes / So I can fall asleep tonight / Or die / Because you kill me / You know you do, you kill me well / You like it, too, and I can tell" the word "cut" being blanked out on some television and radio stations. The song is also said to be depicting suicide, although from the lyrics, more than likely suggests the person the song was written about, was (figuratively) killing the narrator.
"I saw the new Hawthorne Heights video on television today."
by Lily Kees October 04, 2006

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